I can’t help it I’m a highblood


Im just a cosplayer with big dreams~ 


"Join the circle to listen to the stories of the ʇǝuɐןd opıɐʞoɥ...
Because i can't
ǝʌoן anybody else

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makararousal said: i did yesterday
only person in here that has unpacked lol

herlittleprincess said: Oh my god I thought I was the only one who hasn’t done it yet.
nah haha everything is on my room but still in suitcase

technicolorpoetry said: I usually don’t unpack until two weeks after a con, I just.. live out of my suitcase. :U
saame thats usually how i do it also, i have a con in two weeks so have to unpack and then repack LOL

tyrianprinceofrage said: I didn’t unpack from Ohayo until just over a week ago. 8U

rikatheseras said: Gurl I still have crap in suitcases from Matsuri I FEEL YOU

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  1. kokomaedanagito said: But Dafna I am lazy and have not cosplayed since then
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    I was out of socks and underwear. I had to unpack in order to do laundry. My suitcase is my laundry basket.
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