I can’t help it I’m a highblood


Im just a cosplayer with big dreams~ 


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Because i can't
ǝʌoן anybody else

so people were posting pics of their proms the other day so i wanted to jump in haha
i went to my 3 proms [skip sophomore year btw] but this was my Senior prom and oh god i love that dress. i still have it in my closet haha [also had really long hair so i got the lady to this intricate victorian curls on it wich took for fucking forever and you can sort of see on that middle pic]
i miss Tyler, we dated for a while then broke it of when i went to college u.u
oh high school days~ 

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  1. tipsy-arachnid said: Your dress is so pretty ahhh *A* <3 You look gorgeous
  2. rockseelalonde said: Oh that dress is GORGEOUS! oooh now I wanna post my prom pictures!
  3. tyrianprinceofrage said: I concur. You look gorgeous in a dress.
  4. macabrekawaii said: kawaii as hell
  5. sadisticallydiverse said: omg your dress * w* btw you are such a cutie omg
  6. cisthulhu said: YOU LOOK SO AMAZING ZOWIE WOWIE
  7. goodbye-morioh said: dang hottie
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