I can’t help it I’m a highblood


Im just a cosplayer with big dreams~ 


"Join the circle to listen to the stories of the ʇǝuɐןd opıɐʞoɥ...
Because i can't
ǝʌoן anybody else


  • Psionic ♊:also can i get you a hate xmas present LOL?
  • Witch of Doom:um i didn't think we were black...but if you want to go down the road again i guess
  • Psionic ♊:i mean i cant get you a <> present, we have the half quadrant of doom lol
  • Witch of Doom:thats right, okay a hate gift it is. and i will get you one too
  • what do you want 8 tiny hate gifts.
  • Psionic ♊:oifjrelnrjngrgbesijfsdljgbsa;erojgbsrg
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