I can’t help it I’m a highblood


Im just a cosplayer with big dreams~ 


"Join the circle to listen to the stories of the ʇǝuɐןd opıɐʞoɥ...
Because i can't
ǝʌoן anybody else


In which i got bored *blushes*

So i drew someone simply sprawled on the floor wearing one of a certain "bastard’s" shirts pfffff

i was hesitant to post this…but to hell with it

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NATURE TALES || By we-love-rain ☂☁


found this on tumblr so i made a gif out of it. 



Cherry Blossoms at Nakameguro, Tokyo - 目黒川の桜

Love these GIFs, just wish there was a link to the YouTube video for those who want to see the whole thing. :-)

did it cost 17k?


"did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?"

no but let me tell you I’m damn sore after climbing out of the bowels of hell.

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"I will save Saori-san

I see a lot of hate over omega but as soon as i watched it i love Koga character and started the cosplay right away, I never though I would cosplay any of the pegasus and yet here i am haha
I figured i should throw him on since i didnt get to wear him at momo, hopefully ill have a photoshoot for him soon~
taking selfies with shoulder armor on is really hard btw


Sourin arts from last night’s livestream~!  Thanks to everyone who came!

The otp is so strong

Amiami ems shipping is so fast wow… #free

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i need to fluff the life out of this wig but just wanted to try to see how i feel about red wig since my other one still not here
i have like so many rolls of foam in my room just waiting to turn them into armor
this has been a dream cosplay of mine since i was like 12 and cant believe its happening ;A;