I can’t help it I’m a highblood


Im just a cosplayer with big dreams~ 


"Join the circle to listen to the stories of the ʇǝuɐןd opıɐʞoɥ...
Because i can't
ǝʌoן anybody else

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - ch 125
Sakura - Clara
Syaoran - Hokaido
Pic - Christine Hutko

finally found a pic of this cosplay!!
this has been my dream Syaoran cosplay for so long and cant believe i made it and actually turned out pretty good haha, cant wait to re wear it~
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Mana - Labios Compartidos

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOUJAKU!!!♡ #dmmd #koujaku #aobaseragaki #aoba #kouao


this comic is dumb im dumb shake it like a polaroid picture

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Nagisa kun, can you translate "kiss me" into Japanese?
isn't it just "boku ni kisu shite"?
that's  what i thought.
I overheard Makoto senpai saying "kiss me" just now.
huh?! who did mako chan say "kiss me" to?
both of you, your pronunciation is horrible! it's "kiss me."
Next episode, "The Locomotive of a Twist!"
Kiss me. (x11)
Perfect Body.
Perfect Body.
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If you say you’ve never bought clothes influenced by a fictional character youre lying

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Princess Jellyfish Cover Art

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※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
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Still the best pair of pants I will ever own


寄生獣/Parasyte PV


It was region-blocked on Youtube, so I decided to upload it here, the series looks quite interesting, I may have to look into reading the manga

It may still be summer but I have a new leather jacket ♡ ready to go back to college tomorrow~